Traveling with kids

Traveling to Colorado with young children can be especially challenging due to the altitude. Here are some tips for combating altitude issues and how to have a stress free vacation with the kids.

1. Acclimate

Take the first day of your trip to relax and avoid high-energy activities.

2. Hydrate

Both adults and kids need plenty of fluids while at altitude. Start hydrating about 3 days prior to your tip and continue while you’re in Colorado. Avoid or reduce caffeine for the first 24 hours.

3. Humidifiers

Nearly all private homes and hotels have humidifiers for your use (MountainTot does not rent humidifiers). Put one in each of the kids rooms and this will help keep their nasal passages clear and moist and help them sleep better in the dry air.

4. Have what you need… (Shameless Plug)

We’re parents like you and understand that the joy of a vacation can be seriously compromised if your child is grumpy from a poor night’s sleep, or is bored because they have no toys to play with. MountainTot has equipment that can fit any budget for your kids to be happy and comfortable so you can all enjoy your vacation.

5. Don’t Try to Pack Too Much into One Day

Kids seem to have limitless energy, but they get tired too. Try to plan frequent stops or rest breaks throughout the day and make sure that there is enough to keep them interested. It’s always nice to be able to work in something special for the kids to keep them motivated. Worn out kids mean grumpy kids and that’s no fun for anyone.

6. Be Prepared

Colorado experiences great variances in weather, especially in the mountains and even in one day. It’s true in winter and especially in summer. Summer afternoon thunderstorms are common and winter squalls are the norm. Don’t leave home without a pack filled with essentials and make sure you have snacks, water, wet weather gear, and extra layers for the cold.

7. Plan Your Day

Whether you’re hiking or biking, do some research on your trip before you head out. Remember, the altitude impacts endurance and your kids may not be able to do the mileage they could do back home. It’s always a good idea to plan some shorter adventures before you jump into bagging a 14er.

8. Check Out the Local Information Centers

There are several information centers located within Summit County including Breckenridge, Frisco, and Silverthorne. Check them out, they are a great source of information and can give you a lot of local advice on activities for kids of all ages. The people who work there are all volunteers and do an outstanding job.

9. Get Out of Town

If you’re able, visit another town or different resort. The towns within Summit County are all unique and offer many activities for families. Frisco offers family-friendly summer festivals and Lake Dillon Marina is a great destination for lunch! If you come to Breckenridge every year, give Keystone or Copper a try. Both are great mountains and perfect for families.

10. Have Fun

There are plenty of kid-friendly activities throughout the county. A couple of notable places are the MountainTop Children’s Museum in Breckenridge, Frisco’s Historic Park Museum, Peek A Boo Toys in Breckenridge, the Steven West Ice Arena in Breckenridge, and there are many biking and hiking trails throughout the County. Some kid-friendly restaurants are Backcountry Brewery in Frisco, Fatty’s Pizza in Breckenridge, Pug Ryan’s in Dillon and the Snake River Tavern in Keystone.