Who Rents From Us

You might be surprised by the diversity of clients we support—from grandparents, to locals with guests in town, to traveling families enjoying a much needed vacation. When considering purchasing items for a short visit or lugging equipment across the country, it just makes sense to rent.

Traveling by Air

Families from all over the world flock to Colorado for winter and summer activities including world-class skiing/riding, hiking, biking, camping, and a whole host of outdoor fun. Traveling with young kids can be stressful enough without having to worry about hauling equipment through the airport and hoping you remembered to pack everything. MountainTot is here to relieve that stress – let us do the heavy lifting!

Traveling by Car

Every parent knows that traveling with young children requires more equipment than an infantry battalion. Trying to fit your personal items, luggage, skis, camping equipment, bikes, and whatever else you need for your tip into your car can be impossible…. that’s before you start thinking about what baby needs. Don’t damage your personal items and baby gear by cramming it into your car; order your equipment from MountainTot and have your baby equipment waiting for you when you arrive! More and more, people are choosing to rent their equipment and have it delivered and ready for their use upon their arrival.


The grandkids are coming for a visit, but where are they going to sleep or eat? We have a simple answer. Don’t buy new equipment that will only be used a few times. Kids grow up fast and you will end up buying new equipment every year. MountainTot to the rescue! Go online or give us a call and we will deliver your items right to your home. All set, and the grandkids will appreciate the comforts of home during their visit.


Having friends or relatives in town and need extra items? MountainTot can solve that problem in a jiff. Make the kids feel welcome and at home with the necessities and maybe some toys.