Why Rent

Your vacation is meant to be enjoyable, so why not have the right gear for your little one without the hassle of bringing it yourself? Whether flying or driving, it just makes sense for baby to have what they need.

Avoid Carrying Equipment to and from the Airport

By using MountainTot, you can pack your necessities and head for the airport without worrying about pack n plays, toys, books, strollers, and the many other things you need when traveling with small children.

Don’t Pay Excess Baggage Fees

Many airlines have reduced the weight limit of checked luggage and are strictly enforcing the number of bags each passenger is allowed to check. The resulting fees can add hundreds of dollars to your original ticket price.

Eliminate the Possibility of the Airline Losing Your Equipment

Whereas airlines specialize in transporting people, MountainTot specializes in providing high-quality, clean and reliable baby and toddler equipment to your property when you need it. Don’t allow your equipment to be one of the millions that will be lost or delayed by airlines this year.

Have Your Equipment Waiting for You at Your Destination

MountainTot will let you know when your equipment is delivered so you can travel with the peace of mind that it will be waiting for you at your destination when you arrive.